Monday, August 8, 2016


Dear Marisa and Ethan,

I swear that time is going by way too fast!  Been home now for a week and I am desperately missing being with you guys; however, I am happy that you both are able to spend another two weeks with daddy in Thailand.

Although we've had plenty of opportunities to travel back to Thailand, this was our first family trip with just us.  I hope that the memories that we've created will be etched in your hearts and minds.

1.  Shopping
2.  Sleeping in one room
3.  Elephant rides
4.  Food, food, and food (sick, sick, and sick)
5.  Car ride to Northern Thailand with Ethan dancing his heart out
6.  Squeezing into a Tuk Tuk in Bangkok
7.  Watching the sun set over the Chao Phraya River
8.  Watching fireworks from our hotel window overlooking the Chao Phraya River

Here are some pictures to remind us of what we've shared:

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