Monday, August 8, 2016


Dear Marisa and Ethan,

I swear that time is going by way too fast!  Been home now for a week and I am desperately missing being with you guys; however, I am happy that you both are able to spend another two weeks with daddy in Thailand.

Although we've had plenty of opportunities to travel back to Thailand, this was our first family trip with just us.  I hope that the memories that we've created will be etched in your hearts and minds.

1.  Shopping
2.  Sleeping in one room
3.  Elephant rides
4.  Food, food, and food (sick, sick, and sick)
5.  Car ride to Northern Thailand with Ethan dancing his heart out
6.  Squeezing into a Tuk Tuk in Bangkok
7.  Watching the sun set over the Chao Phraya River
8.  Watching fireworks from our hotel window overlooking the Chao Phraya River

Here are some pictures to remind us of what we've shared:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Dearest Marisa and Ethan,

I have been absent from writing because I have been so consumed.  Not that I have not thought about what I want to share but honestly, it has been pretty hectic for us.

Since my last entry, we've moved.  It was a difficult decision for our family to move so far from what you both have grown to know.  Since the move was completed during your senior year, it was extremely important that we kept you in your school.  It was a sacrifice that you and your brother had to bear in having to wake up so early to make certain that your brother is in school by 7:30 am.  Despite having to get up earlier, you two have been such an inspiration to mommy!  I have enjoyed our early morning commute and our breakfast at Panera but even more so, I loved that you have been so selfless in helping mommy care for your brother.  One of the greatest gift a mother wishes for is for her children to love one another and what an overwhelming joy I feel from witnessing this with you and your brother.  Thank you my dearest are my precious gift!

Gosh, where should I start?  So that I may not forget...the following list is what I want to remember to share with you guys:

1.  Your graduation
2.  Your great aunt's visit for your graduation party (my father was the oldest of 12 children & your great, great grandparents' names were Bunh and Mali)
3.  Your senior beach week (Atlantic City with Amanda, Christina, Asha and Gabby) and even more special, your dad, your aunt and cousins.
4.  Your prom (dinner at McCormicks in Reston) and finding the perfect dress.
5.  Our 4th of July celebration (best time with family & your brother's first to NOT be scared from the noise) & YOU and your cousin spending $100 on fireworks.
6.  Your 18th birthday (can not believe that you are 18!)
7.  Your brother's IEP process (it took four meetings, a Laotian translator, several written correspondences and you keeping your brother company to finally have issues resolved).

I have to run right now since your baby boy is fusing to listen to his "Ma Tum Mai" Thai song by Bird!